Shroom for Two Episode 66: Discord Discourse

Hello, Heroes! 

Welcome to another decktacular episode of Shroom for Two! After coming down from the world’s least exciting Super Bowl, Mike and Taylor dive deep into the new, post-rebalance decks you’ve been posting in the ShroomForTwo Discord channel. We present our most-played decks since the last show - Mike’s Beta Carrotina Bog of Enlightenment deck and Taylor’s Transfiguration Molekale deck.

Then, we review several decks posted by you all. Gravestones run rampant, along with some Chompzilla midrange and Zoo-mech Flag Zombie shenanigans. We take a bite out of some custom cards, and read a very touching listener mail. 

Show Notes from Episode 66:

Listener Decks:

Tempo Brainfreeze write-up:

Zoo-Mech write-up:

Listener Mail from Listener Jesse:

Listener Austin’s PvZ 2 custom cards:

Mike and Taylor’s decks: