Shroom for Two Episode 68: Grave Rave

Hello, Heroes! Welcome to another gravedigging episode of Shroom for Two! We’re not digging our own graves this week - instead, we’re jamming Pogo Bouncers and Mixed-Up Gravediggers to show why Neptuna is the best Gravestone deck.

In our latest installment of Crowddecking, we break down the Gravetuna archetype into its core, its support cards, and its flex slots. We discuss how to play it, how to beat it, and how to build a deck that maximizes Enter the Battlefield abilities. 

If you’ve got decks to submit, questions to ask, or chill vibes to relax with, share them with us! Our discord channel is in the show notes below. Our email address is, and our YouTube channel is shroomfortwopodcast!

Until next time, may all your Gravediggers get maximum value.

Show Notes for Episode 68: 

PVZ Heroes Discord. Come hang out in the #shroomfortwo channel!

 Data for Gravetuna decks: