Shroom For Two Episode 74: End of Shroomgelion

Hello Heroes!
We have A Very Special Episode of SFT for you this week. No not that kind, the series finale kind. This is our last episode, as adulthood has started demanding too much from us. But don’t think of it as a breakup, think of it as our funeral, that we get to stage ourselves because nobody’s dead. Oh yeah, also we talk about Set 4 because we hadn’t done the Triassic Triumph retrospective episode (retrospepisode) yet. It’s been a fun and exciting 20 months but all good things must come to an end. And one final shoutout to everyone we did this show for, be it from Reddit, Discord, Gmail, Youtube, Telegram, Periscope wherever. There’s no show without an audience and we’ve had a great one for this show’s lifetime. So for everyone here at Shroom For Two, this is Future Mike signing off.

Show notes:
The hat Mike was talking about at the start:

I’d link the SNL we talk about at the end but it’s not on youtube because it’s from like 20 years ago.

Roy Wood Jr working on a pilot for Comedy Central: